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Released the week of 12/26/11

Mounting Evidence of the Benefits of Telehealth: U.K. Study Shows 45% Reduction in Mortality Rates

Initial results of the largest study of telehealth and telecare ever undertaken has significantly added to the evidence base of the effectiveness of remote monitoring. The evaluation of the Whole System Demonstrator program, conducted by the United Kingdom's Department of Health, has shown that telehealth technology (i.e., remote monitoring of vital signs) can reduce patient mortality rates by 45%. Blog

Center for Technology and Aging (CTA)-Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) Consumer eHealth Affinity Group Session Highlights Successful HealthCare Partners Project

HealthCare Partners Institute’s Jeremy Rich and HealthCare Partners Medical Group’s Janelle Howe discussed the implementation of their CTA Remote Patient Monitoring Project during the monthly Consumer eHealth Affinity Group Webinar. The presentation included overcoming implementation barriers to the project, lessons learned, and preliminary results on reducing the frequency of 30-day hospital readmissions and improving patient self-management. Presentation

Using IT Tools to Enhance ADRC-based Care Transitions Programs: Stories from the Tech4Impact Program

The Technologies for Improving Post-Acute Care Transitions, Tech4Impact, grant program has produced powerful patient and family stories as well as program operations stories from clinicians and program administrators. The Tech4Impact projects have helped to empower patients and family members to engage in the patients’ care management in addition to promoting evidence-based care and follow-up. Successful program operation stories highlight the use of IT tools within Tech4Impact projects that helped to streamline Care Transition Intervention care planning, management, and evaluation. Program Stories

Blog: The Impact of Remote Patient Monitoring Adoption Barriers from a Patient Perspective

Jessie Gruman discusses how remote patient monitoring (RPM) technologies can help older adults age in place by highlighting current successful programs such as the VA and CTA grantee, HealthCare Partners. She then explores RPM implementation barriers from a patient perspective. Center for Advancing Health Blog

Tech4Impact Rhode Island Program Expands use of Technologies that Better Empower Consumers in the Care Transitions Process

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists interviews Stephen Kogurt from CTA’s Tech4Impact Rhode Island project. The article reviews how the project seeks to reduce medication problems following a patient’s hospital discharge by implementing an electronic health record (EHR) that is coupled with pharmacy services. ASHP News

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