June Newsletter

Released the week of 6/25/12

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Upheld

The Supreme Court decision to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) will put into action significant measures to improve the availability of health care, while lowering costs. The Center believes technology-enabled programs and strategies will help achieve the goals of the ACA. Blog

Center for Technology and Aging-Office of the National Coordinator Consumer eHealth Affinity Group Session Highlights Tools and Strategies for Measuring Patient Activation

Principal Investigators from Southern Piedmont, Crescent City, and Hawaii Island Beacon Communities, as well as Sharp HealthCare recently presented tools and strategies for patient activation within their respective Beacon Community and CTA grant projects. The webinar covered strategies for how to select and use patient activation tools at the individual and population level, as well as how to interpret and apply patient activation data results within consumer eHealth projects. Presentation

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Successful Implementation of GRACE Team Care™ Technologies by Indiana Tech4Impact Grantee

The Center for Technology and Aging Indiana Tech4Impact grantee has reported the successful implementation of GRACE Team Care™ technologies to enhance the GRACE (Geriatric Resources for Assessment and Care of Elders), care management program. GRACE Team Care™ is an evidence-based care management model that has demonstrated improvement in patient quality of care and reductions in hospital utilization for older persons with complex health care needs. Findings indicate that GRACE technologies improved the quality, coordination, efficiency, and effectiveness of care management for 200 older Veterans with complex health care needs. Blog

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