May Newsletter

Released the week of 5/30/11

California Senate Bill 72 Policy Brief: Considerations for Implementing a Successful Medication Dispensing Machine Pilot Project

The California Legislature approved SB 72 that supports development of a large-scale Automated Medication Dispensing Machine Pilot Program for 40,000 Medi-Cal recipients. This CTA policy brief explains what’s needed for a successful pilot and touches on related issues: financial analysis of medication adherence, medication dispensing device features and effectiveness studies. Policy Brief

Medication Management Technology Can Improve the Lives of America’s Elders

Through CTA’s Medication Optimization Diffusion Grants Program, one-year grants were made to five healthcare organizations. These organizations have learned what tools providers, health plans, regulators and policymakers need in order to bring these technologies to scale. Their hard-won knowledge now is available to help other organizations adopt and effectively use available MedOp tools.Center Blog

Ageing International Spotlight: “ ‘I Have to Keep Going’: Why Some Older Adults Are Using the Internet for Health Information”

The Internet is an easy source of current, research-based health information. Among those who benefit most from this health communication medium are older adults. In this article, Molly Harrod studies the motivations for eight older adults’ use of the Internet. The article discusses their motivation to use the Internet to support independence, remain active, and focus on aging and health more broadly, rather than just on illness and disease.Article

Ageing International Spotlight: “RAISE (Rapid Access Integrating Safer Entry) for the Elderly: Readiness of Older Adults to Adopt a Universal Serial Bus Personal Health Record for Medication Reconciliation”

Ageing International authors Heise et al. discuss older adults’ and providers’ interest in using a personal health record (PHR) system to better manage their chronic conditions and maintain their health. Article

Important mHealth Dates

Optional Applicant Conference Call March 15, 2011

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April 5, 2011

Full Grant Proposal Guidelines Released April 13, 2011

Full Proposals Due
May 13, 2011

Final Grant Award Decision
June 15, 2011

Expected Date for Grants to Commence August 1, 2011

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