April Newsletter

Released the week of 4/25/11

$500,000 mHealth Diffusion Grants Program Received Over 50 Letters of Intent Applications

The Center’s $500,000 mHealth Diffusion Grants Program received over 50 letters of intent to implement projects that expand the use of mobile health platforms that benefit older adults. The mHealth diffusion grants program will provide up to six one-year grants to organizations that focus on the adoption and diffusion of mobile health technology-enabled services to improve the health of older adults, while reducing the burden on clinicians and caregivers. Selected grantees will commence programs in late Summer 2011. Center Blog

CTA Presents at Aging in America Conference on Lesson Learned from CTA Remote Patient Monitoring Grantees

CTA Remote Patient Monitoring grantees spoke at ASA’s Aging in America Conference in San Francisco on April 26. Led by CTA Program Director, Valerie Steinmetz, the presentations focused on remote patient monitoring technology adoption facilitators, barriers and lessons learned from CTA RPM grantee organizations. Presentation

CTA Presents at Aging in America Conference on Lesson Learned from CTA Medication Optimization Grantees

CTA Program Director, Lynn Redington, along with CTA MedOp grantees spoke at ASA’s Aging in America Conference in San Francisco on April 27. The presentation discusses lessons learned from the overall grant projects as well as detailed presentations from two grantees, Caring Choices and American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Foundation. Presentation

Position Paper: mHealth Technologies: Applications to Benefit Older Adults

The Center for Technology and Aging has released its position paper on how mHealth technologies can help older adults maintain their independence, delay their transition to higher levels of healthcare, improve access to care, and foster patient-centered care that is available anywhere and at anytime. This paper describes Mobile Health (mHealth) issues and opportunities for the mHealth Diffusion Grants Program and related initiatives. This paper is being circulated as a Discussion Draft and comments are welcome. Position Paper

Ageing International Spotlight: “Participation of Older Adults in Virtual Volunteering: A Qualitative Analysis”

A comprehensive body of literature can be found concerning older adults’ involvement in traditional face-to-face volunteering, but few studies exist on Internet-based volunteering. Dhrubodhi Mukherjee discusses how the Internet can play an active role in facilitating volunteerism among older people. Article

Ageing International Spotlight: “Video Reminders as Cognitive Prosthetics for People with Dementia”

Ageing International authors O’Neill et al. evaluate a mobile phone-based video reminder system (MPVS) for people with dementia, with respect to its design and utility, in addition to its ability to satisfy user needs. Article

Important mHealth Dates

Optional Applicant Conference Call March 15, 2011

Letter of Intent Due
April 5, 2011

Full Grant Proposal Guidelines Released April 13, 2011

Full Proposals Due
May 13, 2011

Final Grant Award Decision
June 15, 2011

Expected Date for Grants to Commence August 1, 2011

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