Released the week of 1/28/13

Successful Approaches to Taking Home Telehealth Programs to Scale

Case Studies - Improving Health at Home: The Promise of Telehealth

A new set of case studies funded by the Commonwealth Fund, highlights three successful approaches to taking home telehealth programs to scale, including the Veterans Health Administration, Partners HealthCare, and Centura Health at Home. Case Studies

The Veterans Health Administration, whose Care Coordination/Home Telehealth program demonstrates the possibility of implementing telehealth on a broad scale and achieving cost-effective, high-quality outcomes for chronic care patients. VA Case Study

Partners HealthCare, an integrated health system in Boston whose Connected Cardiac Care Program for heart failure patients is estimated to have generated total cost savings of more than $10 million since 2006 for more than 1,200 enrollees. Partners Case Study

Colorado-based Centura Health at Home, which has merged a clinical call center with telehealth to improve outcomes for older patients discharged from the hospital. Centura Case Study

Technology and Older Adults: The Heart of the Matter is in the Heart

For technologies designed for older adults to be most effective, an emotional connection needs to be created between the technology and the user. Internet-based information and assistive technologies that can support older adults in aging wherever they choose will increasingly be adopted by appealing to older adults’ emotions and promoting a newfound sense of mastery. Such a connection can alter behavior, foster social connectedness, and support the independence of older adults. Blog

Improving Assessment, Service Coordination, and Evaluation of Older Adults Utilizing Tablet-based Care Planning Tools: Family Service Agency of San Francisco (FSA)

FSA, a CTA mHealth grantee, has successfully deployed the Assessment Diagnosis Evaluation Planning Tool (ADEPT) for outcome tracking with seriously mentally ill individuals in intensive case management programs. The touch-screen based tool was employed to measure consumer outcomes and support care planning for 400 severly mentally ill seniors in five mental health programs. The tool is available through the AppExchange and can be immediately scaled to any number of users. Salesforce has recognized FSA’s intervention as a national best practice model and is considering it for distribution both domestically and internationally. FSA Program Outcomes

mHealth Summit Panel on Aging in Place

This year’s 2012 mHealth Summit for the first time directly addressed the potential benefits of mHealth solutions for improving the health and well-being of older adults. A panel, The Big Boom! Aging in Place, discussed how Boomers are transforming traditional aging health care services to more patient-centered models around aging in place. Speakers from Aging 2.0, AARP, Intel, Frost & Sullivan, and CTA discussed Aging in Place implications for health care systems, the impact on provider workflow, and the use of technology-enabled programs to improve patient outcomes. Video Presentation

Seeking Beta Testers for a Return on Investment Tool for Remote Patient Monitoring

The Center for Technology and Aging and the Center for Connected Health have developed a do-it-yourself ROI tool to determine return on investment (ROI) for remote patient monitoring (RPM) technologies. CTA and CCH are seeking beta testers to further test the utility of this interactive web-based tool. To inquire about being a beta tester for the ROI tool please contact us at To learn more about the ROI Tool, please visit the ROI Program Page.

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