January Newsletter

Released the week of 1/31/11

$500,000 Awarded in Post Acute Care Transitions Technology Diffusion Grants

David Lindeman, Director of the Center for Technology and Aging, discusses the Center’s third diffusion grants program, Tech4Impact, which was specifically designed to complement and supplement the $68 million AoA/CMS Adult Disability Resource Center (ADRC) Evidence-Based Care Transition Program initiative. Grants were awarded to five outstanding state units on aging. Two grantees are expanding use of technologies that enhance care transitions program evaluation and planning, and three grantees are expanding use of technologies that better empower patients/consumers in the care transitions process. Center Blog

Detailed Abstracts for Tech4Impact Grant Organizations

Review abstracts of the Tech4Impact Grant Organizations. Each one includes a discussion of the technology, project locations, collaborators, target population, funding, 12-month goals, replication, dissemination and sustainability plans. Abstracts

Ageing International Spotlight: “Lessons from a Leader in Telehealth Diffusion: Interview with Dr. Adam Darkins of the Veterans Health Administration”

David Lindeman interviews one of the pioneers of health technology diffusion in the United States, Dr. Adam Darkins of the Veterans Health Administration. The Veterans Health Administration has been successful in deploying its Care Coordination/Home Telehealth (CC/HT) program and Vista Electronic Health Record to improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction for its older adult population. Dr. Darkins discusses the critical factors important to the success of their program and considerations for the future of telehealth. The full article is available on CTA's website courtesy of Springer. Article

Remote Patient Monitoring Grantees Meet, Share, Look Forward

RPM grantees met in Oakland recently for a day-long convening to share progress on their programs, identify areas of common concern, and discuss an evaluation effort sponsored by the Partners in Care Foundation. A brief video introduction to each grantee program is available on CTA's new YouTube Channel. Grantees also brainstormed approaches to educating key stakeholders, including public policy leaders, on RPM and its value within a reformed health care system. Laurie Orlov, Aging in Place Technology Watch Blog, spoke on technology trends and provided a first-hand report from the Consumer Electronics Show. Videos

CTA presents to ARC Action Network

Lynn Redington, Senior Program Director at the Center for Technology and Aging, and Andrew Broderick, Research Director at the Center for Innovation and Technology in Public Health, recently presented a review of Technologies for Improving Post-Acute Care Transitions to the ARC Action Network (Avoid Readmissions Through Collaboration). Andrew and Lynn highlighted readmission improvement opportunities, trends, and case examples from CTA's related position paper and grantmaking initiatives. CITPH's work on readmissions, which is funded by the Commonwealth Fund, was also described. ARC (www.avoidreadmissions.com) is a California-based collaborative that shares evidence-based approaches known to reduce readmissions along with tactical and practical ways to implement them. ARC's goal is to reduce 30 and 90-day readmission rates by 30% by 2013. Presentation

Ageing International Spotlight: “Diffusion of Technology: Frequency of Use for Younger and Older Adults”

In the special double issue of Ageing International, authors Katherine E. Olson et al., present an overview of technology usage frequency for younger and older adults, and discuss how such usage rates vary for different technology domains and age groups. Much of the previous research on age related differences in technology only investigated usage broadly—from a “used” or “not used” standpoint. This study investigates age-related differences in overall technology usage and frequency. Article

Important Tech4Impact Dates

Letter of Intent Due
July 30, 2010

Grant Proposal Guidelines Released September 29, 2010

Full Proposals Due
October 21, 2010

Final Grant Award Decision Prior to December 31, 2010

Grant Start Date
January 4, 2011

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