January Newsletter

Released the week of 1/25/10

$500,000 to Organizations that Will Help Spread the Use of Vital Medication Optimization Technologies

David Lindeman, Director of the Center for Technology and Aging, discusses the Center’s first diffusion grants program, Medication Optimization, and the grants to five outstanding organizations. Each project involves the use of one or more technologies to help improve the independence of older adults as well as to avoid medication-related issues that potentially result in harm, hospitalization or higher health care costs. David's Blog

$500,000 Remote Patient Monitoring Diffusion Grants Program Accepting Letters of Intent through March 12

The Center released grant application guidelines for a $500,000 Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Diffusion Grants Program. Up to six one-year grants will be made to organizations successfully proposing programs that result in the expanded diffusion of RPM technologies that have proven benefit for older adults. Four or five grants will focus on California, while up to two grants may be awarded in other regions of the US. Explore the Grants Home Page for grant guidelines, letter of intent questions, and frequently asked questions.

Position Paper: Technologies for Remote Patient Monitoring in Older Adults
This position paper identifies and describes issues and opportunities for the Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Diffusion Grants Program and related initiatives. It provides an overview of the RPM process, and discusses two areas of opportunity for RPM in older adults: 1) Chronic Disease Management and Post-Acute Care Management and 2) Patient Safety. The Position Paper is being circulated as a Discussion Draft for comments.
Position Paper

Detailed Abstracts for Medication Optimization Grant Projects
Review abstracts of the five medication optimization grant projects. Each abstract includes a discussion of the technology; project locations; collaborators; target population; funding;12-month goals; and replication, dissemination, and sustainability plans.

Visiting Nurse Services of New York Tackles Medication Complexity and Cognitive Impairment
Our first “Close Up” on Center grantee organizations and programs examines the Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY) Center for Home Health Care Policy & Research. With Center for Technology and Aging funds, VNSNY has launched a promising medication optimization technology diffusion project for caregivers managing medication for cognitively impaired at-risk seniors.
VNSNY Summary

Fact Sheet: Highlights from Medication Optimization Position Paper
The Center’s Medication Optimization Position Paper is condensed into a succinct two-page fact sheet. This easy to distribute fact sheet is downloadable for educating providers, caregivers, policymakers, older adult living facilities workforce, and health care leaders.
Fact Sheet

Position Paper: Technologies for Optimizing Medication Use in Older Adults
While medications are widely used and help many older adults lead healthier and more productive lives, there is still great room for improvement in medication use. This position paper provides an overview of the medication use process and discusses three areas of opportunity for medication optimization: medication reconciliation, adherence and monitoring. Medication Optimization technologies are discussed, including technologies for self-management and communication with clinicians.
Medication Optimization Position Paper

Fact Sheet: Medication-use Five-Phase Process
The medication-use process is presented as a series of five phases: Assess, Prescribe, Dispense, Administer, and Monitor. This framework identifies where medication use problems occur, what opportunities exist to solve these problems, and which technologies may be beneficial in specific phases of the process.
Fact Sheet

Important Remote Patient Monitoring Dates

Grant Guidelines Released
January 11, 2010

Application and Letter of Intent Due March 12, 2010

Full Proposals Requested
March 26, 2010

Full Proposals Due
April 30, 2010

Final Grant Award Decision
June 18, 2010

Grant Start Date
July 1, 2010

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