$500,000 Remote Patient Monitoring Diffusion Grants Program Accepting Letters of Intent through March 12

2/25/10 By David Lindeman

As the Center for Technology and Aging solicits letters of intent (LOI) for its second round of grants to expand the rapid diffusion of proven remote patient monitoring (RPM) technologies, we are beginning to learn about a wide variety of promising programs. With the LOI submission date of March 12 approaching, we want to be sure to reach out to all of the organizations working hard to expand proven RPM technologies. We encourage you to submit an LOI by March 12. Also, please forward the announcement to other organizations. Be sure to join us for an applicant teleconference call on March 2, 10-11am PST to discuss questions pertaining to the grant application and program.

The RPM diffusion grants program will provide up to six one-year grants to organizations successfully proposing programs that directly benefit older adults. Most grants will focus on Californians, but one or two may include older adults in other regions of the U.S. The Center will give priority to projects that demonstrate a successful strategy for the rapid diffusion of effective RPM technologies with a positive and measurable near-term impact on quality, cost or both. Strong consideration will be given to applicants that:

  • Demonstrate clear and robust diffusion and adoption of the technologies as well as alignment with current and emerging reimbursement policies.

  • Demonstrate strong potential to influence public policies that can improve long-term and post-acute care.

  • Demonstrate specific applicability to other organizations and strong potential for replication.

  • Provide significant in-kind support and matching funds and a clear plan for sustainability.

  • On March 26, selected applicants will be invited to submit a Full Grant Proposal. Detailed guidelines for submission of a full proposal will be released at that time. Full Grant Proposals will be due April 30, 2010. We look forward to identifying outstanding diffusion strategies for remote patient monitoring and being able to share these successful strategies nationally. Please contact the Center with any questions at

Important Remote Patient Monitoring Dates

Grant Guidelines Released
January 11, 2010

Application and Letter of Intent Due March 12, 2010

Full Proposals Requested
March 26, 2010

Full Proposals Due
April 30, 2010

Final Grant Award Decision
June 18, 2010

Grant Start Date
July 1, 2010

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